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Exhibition Review

Prima in 114th Canton Fair

time:2013-10-25 11:53:00

 Mr.MIKE personally led by the general manager of Prima Company Mr, pavilions , led by the International Marketing Department staff successfully participated in the 114th Fall Fair held in Guangzhou in October ; for the exhibition and global customers , our company not only well designed and furnished booth , and launched our company in recent years, supporting TOYOTA and Daihatsu most products, including rear-view mirror plating housing , automobile tail plated trim , door scuff , plated grille, stainless steel exhaust pipe car tail pipes , automobile and other sewing products .
   The exhibition , based on our full product features, positioning the market focus in Southeast Asia customers. Period, also received a large number of customers in succession from India, Thailand. Most customers are automotive after-market vendors , looked after praise for our products without a break , for plating quality products heartfelt admiration, affirmed the superiority of our product quality , turnover intentions are very strong ; until the 19th , and even a few samples of the situation reversed merchants fighting , finally coordinating the efforts of staff in the Division I , all samples were presented to all the exhibitors , such as Thailand and India, a few customers.
    Situation during the show lively and high-end positioning our products are closely related , the Division I since its inception, has always insisted on the principle of quality first , access to the company's long-term trust TOYOTA .