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Prima Fire Company Fall 2013 large-scale exercise

time:2013-09-30 15:00:00

Fire spread knowledge and improve emergency response capabilities

 To further enhance staff awareness of fire safety , enhance staff and outside plant fire fighting emergency handling ability , Jinhua Prima Company in September 30, 2013 9:00 am clearings held a theme of " popular in the factory gate Fire knowledge and improve emergency response capabilities " real big fire drills .
    Company leaders and staff participated in the exercises , the former head of security drills Manager Hu by the company to explain the emergency programs related to the fire scene , fire extinguisher principle , the basic operation methods and precautions .
After carefully listen and observe , their staff and personally experience the scene extinguishing process , face burning fire, a very positive performance of the brave , follow the steps and methods of extinguishing the fire quickly extinguished the fire ignited smoke . As in the production line we should have a basic knowledge of fire , and master the use of fire extinguishers . During the exercise, each employee also personally experience how to properly use a fire extinguisher , and how to take emergency measures in case of fire , for the enterprise consumer safety work has laid a solid foundation.