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HEY! Baishuiyang, Here we come!

time:2014-08-06 10:28:36

It’s the Holiday Season! This is a time for peace, love and compassion. This half year, we prima team gain long-term trust of international renowned automobile companies, provide them successfully the integration service from mold design, development to plastic plating, and make good profits.

Baishuiyang has the most distinctive natural landscapes among the five major scenic areas of the Yuanyang Creek. The riverbed is made of a single flat rock and is clean without pebbles. The water surface glistens under the sun, forming a vast expanse of white stars. For this reason, the river is named Baishuiyang, literally the “White Water Ocean”. This travel are not only strengthen the connections amongst co-workers, but also build company morale: What customer demand is what we pursuit. We will sincerely cooperate with all of customer to create eternal glory, and commit to becoming customers’ professional, reliable and proactive partner!